Corporate Philosophy


sico-solutions recognizes itself as a holistic company. A living Total Quality Management in all activities and in the contact with our customers stands in the center.

We are curious, innovative, creative and  research-oriented. Our software and hardware is state-of-the-art, we are tracking the ongoing research and we transform this knowledge in the companies and the processes of our customers.

We regard a positive working atmosphere in-house and in touch with our customers as an important tool to success. We emphasize good communication and a high quality awareness.

We involve our customers into our processes as a partner and aspire a long-term partnership.

We respond to the demands of our customers accurately  and flexible. Our goal is to provide our services fast and reliable.

We are proud of our employees and their commitment our customers can rely upon. New employees are instructed professionally. All employees better themselves to comply their assignments.

We are working in the sense of Kaizen. We are always anxious to improve our services.