sico-solutions helps you in the investigation of heating and cooling in machines, tools, components and processes. Analyze the different mechanism of heat transport by transmission, convection or radiation in fluids, gases or bodies. Examine the different possibilities of heat constitution: contact, friction microwaves, exothermic reactions.

From left to right: The temperature distribution of a braking disk, a heat exchanger, the thermal expansion of the stator from a turbine and the heating of a busbar due to electric current.


sico-solutions offers in the area of thermal effects:

  • stationary and time-dependent analysis
  • effects of phase changes
  • heating radiation
  • heat transportation in porous media
  • linear and non-linear material models

Additionally, sico-solutions provides the seamless coupling of all involved physical fields to describe your application. Thermal calculations can be combined with the simulation of the structure to investigate thermal expansion, the heating due to electrical current flow, i.e. in a battery or the mixture of fluids with different temperatures.