Simulation Services


sico-solutions provides simulation services from standard up to complex scientific and technical applications. We optimize your products, procedures, processes and innovations using resilient  simulations. As we look at your topic in its entirety, we are a strong and reliable partner within the realization of your innovations in all relevant steps. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Simulation offers you as a development engineer:

  • a better understanding of the physical phenomena

  • new insights and more creativity in the product development

  • virtual prototyping, test your ideas fast and straightforward

  • individual presentation of the results, modern interactive visualization, a completely  new simulation experience with sico-apps

As a company you profit from simulation by:

  • purposive prototype construction

  • avoid minus development, fail-fast

  • shorter development times

  • marketingable visualization

  • reduction of development and warranty costs




Simulation opportunities - Overview and modular concept

You and your curiosity understanding processes and products are in the center. Therefore sico-solutions provides simulation services in different, for your specific needs tailored modules. Thereby every of your challenges can be solved.


  •  Simulation request: sico-solutions solves your project with the help of modern simulation tools.
  • sico-App: Your task is packed into an app such that you can do your own simulations. You do not need any former experience. New designs and variations of parameters are tested quickly and straightforwardly.
  • Simulation model: You have your own simulation software at your disposal or a own cumputaion department and want to continue the simulation project on your own? In line with a simulation request the simulation model generated by sico-solutions can be commited to you.
  •  sico yourself: You have recocgnized the enormous importance of simulation? You want to simulate on your own or establish a computation department in your company? sico yourself provides the complete soultion from the simulation request to the set-up of simulation competences in your company. sico-solutions supports the implementation of hard- and software. On request you are assisted by the set-up of a computation department. You and your employees learn by solving an existing problem - and at the same time you solve two challanges. sico-solutions provides individual training of highest quality. You gain results quickly and you profit by a fast makeup of competences. Additionally you recive an extended support on modelling and simulation.