Rheolog, Rheosim


The software Rheolog in combination with the rheometer Rheopress enables the determination of characteristic material parameters of non-Newtonian materials with visco-plastic properties. These are among others technical ceramics, polymers or metal powder. The parameters constitute definitely the visco-plastic material behavior. Especially the set-up at the walls is explicitly dissolved.

From left to right: the rheometer Rheopress, the measurment software Rheolog and the interactive simulation platform Rheosim


All four parameters (yield stress, Bingham viscosity, wall yield stress and k-factor) are measured with only one measuring set-up on the Rheopress simultaneously. One measurement lasts only half an hour. To every measurements an individual measurement report is created, which is  easy to protocol. The handling is easy and intuitive. The input screen and the presentations of the results are easy to understand, additionally they can be customized to your individual needs.

There are various possible applications, i.e. in the material development or quality control of goods input.


The Rheopress is an innovative rheometer developed by sico-solutions. Rheopress consists out of a press, a special shaped measurement die and an SPS-device. In the measurement die the pressure and the velocities are recorded along the extrusion way. The recorded data are analyzed by Rheolog.

The measurement procedure can be controlled manually or fully-automatic. The handling is easy and easy to learn.

The Rheopress, produced by LOOMIS PRODUCTS, has an integrated high-class vacuum System and a digital display of the extrusion pressure, the velocity of the ram and of its Position. In an internal storage of Rheopress you can programm and access different measurement processes. Optional, connections to production data acquisition and a heater to measure materials at higher temperatures are available.

Rheopress can be used for small series production or for other laboratory or testing applications by simply exchanging the measurement die. Thereby, the press can be used at any extrusion angle.


Are there any problems with single materials, sico-solutions provides contract measurements. The measurements can be performed in our laboratory. Furthermore, due to the compact design of Rheopress, the measurement device is transportable and the tests can be performed directly in your facility.


You want to use the gained parameters instantly to test your developed extrusion devices or in-time delivered materials and compounds virtually? Use Rheosim. This is an interactive easy-to-use simulation platform to calculate the fluid dynamics in your newly designed die. Rheosim enables a disruptive specific optimization of the die shape and the extruded material. Clear plots show a revealing view into the die and the physical and technical mechanism. It inspires the creativity of the engineers, shortens the development time and cuts the number of prototyps dramatically. Rheosim can be used within your company or in the cloud.