A particular strength of sico-solutions is the simulation of extrusion processes. Thereby the non-linear flow of a ceramic compound or a metal powder through a die is simulated. Simulation is crucial in optimizing your products and manufacturing processes by visualizing all relevant physical phenomena and quantities in the die. Furthermore, you discover material agglomerations, pressure minima and pressure maxima in the lead of the die. 

The rheometer Rheopress and the software Rheolog determine all important material parameters which describe the flow of ceramic compounds. The four parameters yield stress, Bingham viscosity, wall yield stress and k-factor constitute definitely the visco-plastic material behavior. Especially the set-up at the walls is explicitly dissolved. With these parameters the plastic deformation can be simulated, which gives you an innovative tool for designing optimal extrusion dies. Besides, contract measurements as a separate service are part of the portfolio of sico-solutions.


The left picture shows the velocity at the end of the die, on the rigth you can see the shear rate. Clearly you can recognize the faster film at the outer part, which pushes the ceramics up forward there. This yields to stresses causing cracks in the further processes. A simulation by sico-solutions shows you how to optimize the material and the shape of the die.