Fluid Dynamics


Fluid flows are a significant part of diverse processes and applications. It is of vital importance to study the behavior  of fluid and gaseous fluids and to optimize  the flow relating to other processes.

From left to right: the pressure distribution  on the body of a turbocharger, the streamlines within the turbocharger, the temperature profile of a catalyzer streamed with car pollution and the air circulation around a spinning ball (Magnus effect).


The range of sico-solutions covers all applications of modern fluid dynamics:  

  • laminar and turbulent flow
  • incompressible and compressible fluids
  • fluid flow in porous media
  • multi-phase flow, also in rotating machinery
  • simulation of the fluid behavior of complex materials possessing non-newtonian material laws
  • flow through thin screens
  • reacting flow
  • diffusion and convection

Additionally, sico-solutions provides the seamless coupling of all involved physical fields to describe your application. For example, thermal calculations can be combined with the simulation of the fluid dynamics to program the cooling of your production process, or one considers the fluid-structure-interaction in an extrusion facility.