Process Technology


sico-solutions models for you all process and technology in chemical process engineering. The transportation of  material and heat as well as the chemical kinetics can be simulated in various environments, in gases, liquids or bodies, on surfaces or within porous media.

From left to right: The temperature, the velocity field and the concentration of the product in a plate reactor, the temperature and the stream in a heat exchanger, the pressure and the concentration of an educt in a porous reactor and finally the velocity field in an industrial mixer.

sico-solutions provides the following abilities:

  • ideal reactor models, cration of kinetics based on chemical reaction formulae
  • reaction kinetics in isothermic and non-isothermic environments
  • transportation of mass in depleted and concentrated mixtures
  • transportation of materials by diffusion, convection and migration, multi-component-transportation
  • reacting flow, also in porous media
  • surface diffusion and surface reactions, adsorption, absorption and deposition of species on surfaces