By Multiphysic we understand the simultaneous  simulation of several coupled physical fields which depend on each other. In many applications more than just one phenomenon  have to be considered to gain reliable results. A realistic model of a process is given only if all interdependencies are respected.

You see the multi-physical simulation of a violin. In the left picture the acoustic pressure and the air stream of a vibrating violin, in the middle an eigenmode are displayed. The right picture shows a blood vessel. The walls of the vessel moves due to the blood pressure, the moving wall influence the fluid flow.

The following examples provide an idea of our multiphysical simulations. On demand, we even develop our own coupling operators. We will always couple as many physical phenomena as the problem requests.

  • Fluid-Structure-Interaction
  • Heat transfer in fluids
  • multiphase systems
  • heating due to electric current
  • thermal stress in a solid body
  • reacting flows
  • electro-chemical reaction, i.e. in a battery

In many cases, the coupling is not yet defined in scientific literature. Profit from the long experience of sico-soluttiona and our contacts to several universities to simulate these non-standard problems.