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sico-solutions is a team of highly qualified scientists in the domain of physics, mathematics and engineering. Our goal is to find answers to complex and the most difficult problems applying modern simulation technologies. We are specialized in multi-physical modeling, from standard application up to applied industry-oriented research. We use Finite-Elements- and Finitie-Volumen-methods, mathematical optimization, parameter estimations, inverse modeling as well as statistical methods and data mining.

sico-solutions uses state-of-the-art simulation techniques as well the most recent hardware in combination with commercial simulation software and own codes. Our range includes fluid dynamics, structural mechanics, thermodynamic, rheology including material testing, electromagnetism and the development of customer specific special applications. sico-solutions is certified consultant of COMSOL Multiphysics.

sico-solutions has profound experience in projects with international partners and provides professional management for the realization of international projects with challenging technical and scientific topics.

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