Software Development


The software development at sico-solutions splits in two components: the development of standardized software to solve wide-spread problems and into the development of individual software, so-called sico-apps, especially suited for your problems.

The software development at sico-solutions happens mainly in a simulation environment. Our goal is to present simulation as a tool to designers, development divisions, laboratory technicians, engineers and students. In this way, the advantages of simulation can be used in all departments of your company.

The native environment of simulation is in development departments. Software developed by sico-solutions enables the application of simulation through your whole company. New simulation-driven measuring supports the analysis in your laboratory, measuring devices a a connected simulation provide an enhanced control of your manufacturing process.

Every software developed by sico-solutions can be run as a Desktop version or in the cloud on a sico-server. Sico-server is a computing center physically based in Germany.