sico-solutions optimizes the design and sintering process for ceramic 3D printed components.

Our new process technology allows us to predict how a 3D-printed component must be manufactured as a green body so that the sintered end product has the desired shape while exhibiting the best possible mechanical properties.


True-to-form sintering: Design the shape of a green body before sintering, so that the final sintered body has the desired shape after the sinter process. Fig. 1: Process technology for predicting the shape of a 3d printing ceramic component before the sintering process

With our simulation tools CeraOpt and CeraShape, we determine the ceramic-specific shape-optimized geometry of the 3D printed body, i.e. with minimal material input, all relevant properties of the ceramic are retained. In addition, the shape of the green compact, which must be printed before the firing process so that the required component shape is achieved after the firing process, is determined.

The material parameters required for this can be determined with measurement methods commonly used in the ceramics industry and with little effort.

The advantages of our new state-of-the-art process technology are material savings and time reductions in the production of 3D-printed ceramic components as well as quality improvements of the sintered component and, linked to this, significant time and cost savings.

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