Structural Mechanics


With the help of structural mechanics, sico-solutions simulates all influences and loads on your products and facilities. We enlarge the mechanical analysis capabilities of your company and your research department.


From left to right: the eigenmodes of a helical gear pair, the dilatation of a stent, the deformation of a crankshaft under a vibrating load and the deformation of a bolted pipe connection.

The range of sico-solutions covers the following applications of structural calculations:  

  • stationary and time-dependent analysis, including dynamic loads
  • parameter studies
  • large deformations and pre-stressed bodies
  • contact mechanics
  • modal analysis, determination of eigenfrequencies
  • fatigue
  • linear and non-linear material models
  • viscoelesticity

Additionally, sico-solutions provides the seamless coupling of all involved physical fields to describe your application. Thermal calculations can be combined with the simulation of the structure to investigate thermal expansion, one considers the fluid-structure-interaction in an extrusion facility or the influence of strain on the electrical current flow.