AC/DC - Electromagnetism


sico-solutions simulates electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields in static and low-frequency applications. Thereby all of your innovations including capacitors, inductors, field magnets, isolators, coils, engines, actuators, batteries and sensors can be calculated. 


From left to right: A quadratic induction coil and the created magnetic field lines, the cooling of an electronic enclosure with a fan and a grille, a magnetic-inductive pivot bearing, and the heating of a lithium battery due to a short circuit, also known as nail test.


The activities of sico-solutions in the area of electromagnetism include:

  • electromagnetic force and torque
  • electromagnetic shielding
  • current distribution and visualization
  • electric displacement and di-electric stress
  • Lorentz-force
  • thermal contact resistance
  • linear and non-linear material models

Additionally, sico-solutions provides the seamless coupling of all involved physical fields to describe your application. The heating due to electrical current flow, i.e. in a battery or the influence of vibrating components can be analyzed  using numerical simulations.